Ukraine to get drugs on schedule for first time in five years, - Suprun

Acting Health Minister Ulana Suprun denied at today's press conference the accusations of disrupting drug procurement under various government programs through international organizations.

Censor.NET reports.

"Last year's procurement is complete and Ukraine has 98 percent of medications. As for those 2 percent, we ourselves asked to postpone the delivery. These are vaccines that we currently have in stock, and we want them to be delivered later so that they last out for a longer period," Suprun said.

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She admits the situation around drug and vaccine procurement has to improve in 2017.

"We'll buy and get drugs in the same year for the first time in five years. It will be a miracle for Ukraine. Given some technical, bureaucratic and financial reasons, this process takes three months. We'll get the money only in March. The Finance Ministry has agreed to increase drug allocations. In 2017, we'll get 5.9 billion hryvnia ($208. 141 million) instead of 2.9 billion hryvnia. In addition, they agreed to let us pay for all the medications until the end of March rather than during the whole year so that Ukraine gets them on schedule," the acting health minister added.

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Suprun also denied allegations that international organizations get 100 percent pre-payment for medications, keep them on their banking accounts and make money.

"This advance payment goes to the account that belongs to Ukraine, and the interest accrues. If we don't use the money, it will return to our budget. In 2015, we saved $3 million and could buy more vaccines than expected. This is the reason why we now have vaccines in stock," she explained.

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