Pinchuk's opinion article for The Wall Street Journal ordered by Kremlin, - Deputy Rada Speaker Syroid

Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk in his article for The Wall Street Journal expressed opinions on the occupied Donbas and Crimea inspired by Russian authorities.

Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Samopomich party member Oksana Syroid said in an interview with Censor.NET.

Syroid said she never had any illusions regarding Mr. Pinchuk and realized he was dependent on Russia to some extent.

"So I wasn't surprised by his opinion article. It is in fact a gag ordered by the Kremlin," she said.

"I am well aware the same gag orders were voiced simultaneously by Kissinger to Trump and by Pinchuk to The Wall Street Journal. That was some sort of a coincidence. I am sure these gag orders were issued by Surkov [Putin's aide - ed.] for external use," the vice speaker said.

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"The major idea is the Russia's scenario No.2. The first was Minsk, the second is reintegration under current conditions. With the rhetoric of 'people are brothers and should help each other.' For some reason, however, Pinchuk's article calls people of the Donbas 'ours,' and people of Crimea - not. I don't get that logic: why should we 'accept' some of those people and refuse the others?" Syroid said.

Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk wrote in his article for The Wall Street Journal that Ukraine should hold elections in the Donbas under current circumstances, and refuse its intentions to join EU and NATO. He clarified his stance later.

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