Russia a major threat to global order, - US Ambassador to UN Power

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power gave her final major speech of her tenure on Tuesday, addressing the Atlantic Council in remarks that eschewed softball subjects in favor of what she described as “a major threat facing our great nation: Russia.”

Censor.NET reports citing TIME.

Her remarks on Tuesday touched again on Ukraine and Syria, and also addressed Russia's efforts to "interfere in our presidential election, with the goals of undermining public faith in the U.S. democratic process."

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"Today, I will set out how the Russian Government under President Putin is taking steps that are weakening the rules-based order that we have benefitted from for seven decades. Our values, our security, our prosperity, and our very way of life are tied to this order. And we - and by we, I mean the United States and our closest partners - must come together to prevent Russia from succeeding," Power said.

The U.S. Ambassador to UN mentioned Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

"For years, we have seen Russia take one aggressive and destabilizing action after another.

"We saw it in March 2014 - not long after mass peaceful protests in Ukraine brought to power a government that favored closer ties with Europe - when Russia dispatched its soldiers to the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. The "little green men," as they came to be called - for Russia denied any ties to them - rammed through a referendum at the barrel of a gun, which Mr. Putin then used to justify his sham annexation of Crimea.

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"We saw it months later in eastern Ukraine, where Russia armed, trained, and fought alongside separatists. Again, Russia denied any role in the conflict it manufactured, again flouting the international obligation to respect the territorial integrity of its neighbor.

"We must reassure our allies that we have their backs, and ensure that Russia pays a price for breaking the rules," Power said.

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