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 Experts re-confirm rich kid Tolstosheiev caused deadly road accident over epileptic seizure, - prosecutors’ office

The second expert opinion regarding 22-year-old Stanislav Tolstosheiev, who caused deadly road accident near Kyiv’s Livoberezhna metro station, confirmed the previous findings of forensic experts: the person responsible for the accident is recognized non-imputable as he lost control of the vehicle due to a sudden epileptic seizure.

Re-examination also established that Tolstosheiev was not under influence during the accident, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv.

Aug. 29, 2016, the Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv decided to close the criminal proceedings due to the actor's non-imputability under paragraph 2 of part 1 of article 284 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The decision was reversed Sept. 20, 2016 while the expert re-examination was commissioned in order to eliminate any doubt that investigation was impartial.

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Re-examination findings submitted to the Prosecutor's Office of Kyiv confirmed the results of previous examinations on lack of criminal capacity of the suspect due to his health condition during the accident.

It is noted that it was Tolstosheiev's first epileptic seizure, which means that he was not able to predict it. It was also established that Tolstosheiev was not under influence of drugs or alcohol during the accident.

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Tolstosheiev's driver license was revoked and destroyed in a lawful manner over medical contraindications to driving.

The final decision in this criminal case will be taken in the near future.
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