Pinchuk: "Compromise on Crimea impossible. Annexation is illegal. Occupation is temporary. Crimea is Ukrainian"

After his high-profile article for The Wall Street Journal, Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk has come up with another publication where he gives an insight into his position on major issues of the Ukrainian politics.

As reported by Censor.NET, he published the material on Ukrainska Pravda.

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"This section of my article [about Crimea] provoked the most emotional outcry. I was even accused of being ready to surrender Crimea and abandon the principle of territorial integrity of the country. It's a lie.

"The article contained exactly the following: 'While we maintain our position that Crimea is part of Ukraine and must be returned, Crimea must not get in the way of a deal that ends the war in the east on an equitable basis.'

"I do not for a moment put into question the Ukrainian status of the peninsula. After the Yalta European Strategy was forced to hold its annual meeting in Kyiv, we have not for a second considered the possibility of renaming it. We repeatedly emphasize at every YES meeting that its rightful place is in Yalta and that the change is temporary.

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"The truth is that all politicians both here and in the West are trying not to think of Crimea in broad terms. They are not able to offer something realistic. Crimea is not mentioned either in the Minsk or Normandy format. No clear Crimean politics has been developed.

"Therefore, the benefit of the outcry over my article is that it at least brings the Crimean issue back to substantive discussion.

"And most importantly: the bloodshed in the Donbas is still underway. And it must be stopped. Here we have to compromise.

"Speaking of the basic issue, the issue of Crimea's belonging, no compromise is possible. Annexation is illegal. Occupation is temporary. Crimea is Ukrainian," Pinchuk wrote.
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