Chinese companies plan to build solar farms in Chornobyl zone

The project will cost $1 billion over the next two years.

Censor.NET reports citing Climate News Network.

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According to the report, two companies from China plan to build a one-gigawatt solar power plant on 2,500 hectares of land in the exclusion zone to the south of the Chernobyl plant.

Ukrainian officials say the companies estimate they will spend up to $1 billion on the project over the next two years. A subsidiary of Golden Concord Holdings (GLC), one of China's biggest renewable energy concerns, will supply and install solar panels at the site, while a subsidiary of the state-owned China National Machinery Corporation (SINOMACH) will build and run the plant.

"It is cheap land, and abundant sunlight constitutes a solid foundation for the project," Ukraine's Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Ostap Semerak points out.

As reported, GLC state work on the solar plant will probably start this year.

"There will be remarkable social benefits and economical ones as we try to renovate the once-damaged area with green and renewable energy," Shu Hua, chairman of the GLC subsidiary, says. "We are glad that we are making joint efforts with Ukraine to rebuild the community for the local people."

As yet, neither the Ukrainians nor the Chinese have disclosed the safety measures that will be adopted during the construction of the solar plant.

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