Prosecutor's office to interview MP Pashynskyi on New Year’s eve shooting

Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Serhii Pashynskyi said the prosecutor's office was going to interview him today about the use of force against the attacker on the New Year’s Eve.

The lawmaker wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I am going to come for the interview to the prosecutor's office today at 11.00 a.m. regarding the notorious incident that took place on the New Year's Eve. I would like to say the following: No one is interested in impartial and public investigation of this situation more than me. Only the impartial investigation, crime re-enactment and expert examinations will be able to dispel the lies invented by the scum from the neighboring country, which is, unfortunately, spread with great enthusiasm by the "useful idiots" in this country.

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"My friends ask me, would I have acted the same way if the situation repeated itself given the amount of mud that has been slung at me over the last week?

"I will put it this way, hundreds of murderous assaults and assaults causing grievous bodily harm are recorded in Ukraine yearly. 80 percent of them are committed under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, two thirds of these crimes are committed not with a burglary or revenge in mind, but just as acts of hooliganism. Thousands of people fall victims to drunken assaults and disorderly conduct every year. And if at least 5 percent of those 'Khimikuses' (Pashynskyi's attacker - Ed.) will know that their attack may face an adequate retaliation and it will prevent them from doing so, and I believe that it will, then I have done the right thing. Not as a lawmaker, but as a citizen, a man and father of my children," he wrote.

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As reported, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Serhii Pashynskyi reported he was attacked by an unidentified person on a road in the Kyiv region on Dec. 31. The lawmaker got hit on the head with a bottle as a result of the conflict. The MP made a warning shot in the air and then employed a handgun against the attacker wounding him in the leg.

The alleged attacker said Pashynskyi made no warning shots before using force as he claimed but shot him in the leg right away.

However, the police officials said that two shell cases were found on the scene.

Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office will investigate the criminal case initiated into the incident. The agency reported that MP Pashynskyi used a 9 mm Glock-19 handgun against Viacheslav Khimikus.

"He had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. It was seized along with the weapon and ammunition. The MP handed over all documents regarding this weapon. The request to formally confirm the permission to carry this weapon was submitted to the authorities that had issued it," the member of the prosecutor's office said.
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