Most cease-fire violations reported near Svitlodarsk and Debaltseve, - OSCE

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine recorded more cease-fire violations in the Donetsk region compared with the previous reporting period. As of Jan.5 most violations were reported near Svitlodarsk and Debaltseve.

Censor.NET reports citing the OSCE SMM.

"On the evening of Jan.4, while in government-controlled Svitlodarsk, the SMM heard 66 explosions assessed as rounds of 152 mm artillery, five assessed as impacts and the rest undetermined, all 8-12km south-east. The Mission also heard 15 shots of infantry fighting vehicle (IFV; BMP-2) cannon (30 mm), eight bursts of anti-aircraft cannon (ZU-23, 23 mm), and seven bursts of automatic-grenade-launcher fire, all 3-8km south-east or south-south-east," the report reads.

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"On Jan.5, in the same location, the SMM heard five explosions assessed as 120 mm mortar rounds, two explosions assessed as outgoing rounds of an undetermined weapon, 20 shots of IFV (BMP-2) cannon, four bursts of anti-aircraft cannon (ZU-23) and intense heavy-machine-gun and small-arms fire, all 4-8km south-south-east. The Mission also heard two undetermined explosions, 35 shots of IFV (BMP-2) cannon and intense heavy-machine-gun and small-arms fire, all 4-12km east-south-east," the report of the OSCE SMM reads.

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