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 US Congress officially certifies Trump's victory

The results of the U.S. presidential elections were formally approved at a joint session of the House of Representatives and Senate.

The presiding officer of the Senate and the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden summed up the electoral vote, Censor.NET reports citing the Hill.

Several House Democrats tried to raise objections against the election results citing Russia's interference in the election and alleged voter suppression, but the chairman Biden dismissed those objections.

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Three outside protesters yelling about "voter suppression" were removed from the chamber by capitol police.

Michael Pence was also approved to the post of vice-president of the U.S.

Trump received 304 Electoral College votes to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's 227, although he lost to Clinton in the popular vote by almost three million votes. Trump's inauguration will be held on Jan. 20.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n422381