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 "Putin understands only strength," – Senator McCain on possible "Kissinger plan" for Donbas

Media reports say Henry Kissinger allegedly proposes lifting anti-Russian sanctions. However, the U.S. Congress will approve no action damaging freedom and independence of Ukraine or the Baltics.

As reported by Censor.NET, U.S. Senator John McCain said in an interview with TSN asked whether former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger would become a mediator between Moscow and the United States.

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According to media reports, Kissinger allegedly advocates U.S.-Russia rapprochement and lifting of sanctions in exchange for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Donbas.

However, McCain says he does not believe the Senat would support some agreements that do not guarantee complete independence of Ukraine or other countries in the region. The politician said the Americans had learnt the lesson of the 1930s on how dangerous the agreements with dictators could be.

According to him, the U.S. Congress will approve no action that could harm the freedom and independence of Ukraine or the Baltic states. McCain says the U.S. government supports only the deals aimed at putting an end to the conflict.

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However, the senator said his experience with Vladimir Putin showed that the only thing the Russian president understood was strength, which is why the U.S. needed to strengthen the defense capability of Ukraine and the Baltics and provide support for these countries.

"Peace through strength as Reagan once said," McCain summed up.
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