"200 killed, 300 wounded in Vostok Battalion in 2016," - terrorist Khodakovsky on enemy losses in 2016

The so-called Vostok Battalion participating as part of the Russian terrorist troops in the Donbas fighting lost 200 mercenaries in 2016.

This was announced by terrorist leader Alexander Khodakovsky during online conference, Censor.NET reports.

A video has been uploaded to YouTube showing the militant as saying: "We have had 200 persons killed and 300 wounded that were officially confirmed in 2016. This makes up almost 70 percent of the losses incurred during 2014-2015 fighting. 2016, the year of this weird cease-fire, has seen such losses in Vostok Battalion," he said.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n421865