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 Russia closes American school in Moscow in retaliation to sanctions, - CNN

Russian authorities have ordered to close Anglo-American school in Moscow and a resort house in Moscow larger area in response to new U.S. sanctions adopted on Dec. 29 due to alleged Russian interference with the U.S. presidential elections, CNN reports.

As reported by Censor.NET, CNN is quoting American officials as saying that the school for U.S., U.K. and Canadian children in Russia will be closed. Russia will also close down the resort for U.S. Embassy employees in Serebryany Bor near Moscow.

It is reported these measures are a retaliation of the Kremlin to the White House's decision to close two Russian diplomatic institutions, in New York and Maryland. A recreation house on Maryland's coast has been used by Russian diplomats for playing tennis and sailing. The White House has accused Moscow of using this facility for spying, Radio Svoboda reports.

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Russia has denied the allegations and promises retaliations to the U.S. sanctions that might be announced Dec. 30.

On Dec. 29, the U.S. announced eviction of 35 Russian diplomats from the country and introduction of additional sanctions over cyberattacks during presidential election campaign that were allegedly orchestrated by Moscow. Russia denies the allegations.

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