Seven parties make it to Verkhovna Rada, - poll by Razumkov Center and Democratic Initiatives Foundation

Batkivshchyna, Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Radical Party, Samopomich, Opposition Bloc, Za Zhyttia and Hromadianska Pozytsiia would enter the Verkhovna Rada if early parliamentary elections were held the nearest Sunday.

According to the results of a poll conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation and Razumkov Center think tank during Dec. 16-20, 2016, the initiative of early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada and early elections is supported by 46 percent of respondents, while 36.6 percent decline the idea, Censor.NET reports citing Interfax-Ukraine.

Should early parliamentary elections occur, 63 percent of respondents would partake.

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The respondents were asked to say who they would vote for if elections were to be held in late December.

7.9 percent of respondents would vote for Batkivshchyna, 7.3 percent for PPB, 6.7 percent for Opposition Bloc, 5.8 percent for Samopomich, 5.6 percent for Radical Party, Ukrainski Novyny news agency reports.

The other parties, according to the poll, would not be able to overcome the necessary threshold of 5 percent.

People's Front would score 1.4 percent.

19.2 percent of respondents turned unsure as to who they wanted to support. 17 percent of respondents would not participate in the vote.

The votes of those ready to take part in early elections would be enough for seven parties to deal with the 5 percent threshold.

Batkіvschyna would score 11 percent of votes, PPB - 9.9 percent, Opposition Bloc - 9 percent, Samopomich - 7.6 percent, Radical Party - 7.8 percent, Za Zhyttia - 5.7 percent, Hromadianska Pozytsiia - 5.4 percent.

An early termination of the president's powers and holding of early presidential election is supported by 47 percent of Ukrainians, while 37.9 percent are against it. 65% of respondents would participate in early presidential election.

If such an election were to be held next Sunday, the incumbent head of state Poroshenko would win 11.9 percent of votes, leader of Batkivshchyna Yuliia Tymoshenko - 11.1 percent, leader of the Opposition Bloc parliamentary faction Yurii Boiko - 8.4 percent.

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2,018 respondents over 18 years from across Ukraine, except Crimea and the occupied territory in the Donbas, took part in the poll. The theoretical margin of sampling error does not exceed 2.3 percent.

At present, six parties are represented in the Ukrainian parliament: PPB, People's Front, Opposition Bloc, Samopomich, Batkivshchyna and Radical Party.
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