Court indefinitely defers decision on Yanukovych prosecution in absentia. PHOTOS

The Pechersk district court of Kyiv has deferred its decision to allow prosecuting fugitive Viktor Yanukovych in absentia under the motion of the Military Prosecutor's Office investigator until the Court of Appeal makes ruling on the case jurisdiction.

Correspondent for Censor.NET reports from the court room.

The lawyers of fugitive Viktor Yanukovych asked for prosecutors' recusal as the court hearing started. However, Judge Khrysyna Tarasiuk defeated their motion. After that, the defense said that Dec. 26, the Court of Appeal registered a motion to hear the case by the other court while the decision should be taken by the Court of Appeal within five days.

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In this regard, the lawyers requested to adjourn the court as they deemed judges of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv to be partial and allegedly dependent of the prosecutor's office. As a result, the Pechersk district court granted the petition of Yanukovych's lawyers and adjourned the hearing pending decision by the Court of Appeal.

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янукович суд сердюкянукович суд сердюк
Judge Khrysyna Tarasiuk

янукович суд сердюк
Member of the Prosecutor General's Office Ruslan Kravchenko

янукович суд сердюк
Lawyer of fugitive Yanukovych Vitalii Serdiuk

Photos by Oleh Bohachuk
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