Moldova's Dodon fires Defense Minister Salaru: "He flirted with NATO"

President of Moldova Igor Dodon, whose inauguration ceremony took place on Dec. 23, has dismissed country's Defense Minister Anatolie Salaru.

Censor.NET reports citing Dodon's Facebook page.

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The president of Moldova says he dismissed Salaru at the request of the leader of the Liberal Party of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu (Salaru's post in the Cabinet was due to the party quota while the minister himself is the party's deputy chairman known to be in conflict with Ghimpu).

"This minister was flirting with NATO, knowing that under the Constitution we are a neutral country. On his initiative, American military equipment rolled through the main square of Moldova on Victory Day. He openly advocates the unification of Moldova with Romania. He sacked a lot of professionals from the defense structures, replacing them with people close to the Liberal Party," Dodon wrote, adding Salaru has been repeatedly accused of embezzlement and corruption.

Salaru, in turn, wrote: "With my dismissal, Mihai Ghimpu has presented the Ministry of Defense to Dodon. The Ghimpu-Dodon twosome enters the arena. I wish them luck! Unfortunately, Moldova is going to face harsh times when we'll still have to protect our Romanian identity to save our national existence."

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