Ukraine to spend 200M hryvnia on accommodation for National Guard members in 2017, Turchynov says

Three-year activity of the National Guard of Ukraine was reviewed and prospects for its development were defined at a meeting held at the National Guard’s training facility in Novi Petrivtsi village with the participation of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

Censor.NET reports citing the NSDC press service.

Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Yurii Allerov presented the National Guard's International Training Center and dwelled on the plans of further development of the National Guard's training facility.

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In addition, the new and upgraded hardware including communications equipment, mobile command posts, ambulances, armored vehicles, drones, and brand new weapons recently added to the National Guard armory were presented at the meeting.

Delivering his speech, the NSDC secretary stressed that members of the National Guard and Armed Forces of Ukraine proved to the whole world "that Ukraine is a country capable of defending itself."

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"You were defending Ukraine in hard times of the enemy's treacherous invasion of our homeland. Being aware of the need to protect the country and take the temporarily occupied territories under control, regardless of many other today's problems, the government makes every effort to provide the military with everything they may require," Turchynov said.

According to him, the budget-2017 stipulates for 5.2 percent of GDP to be spent on security and defense sector in line with the National Security Strategy approved by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.
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