Process of transferring 15 people to Russian militants about to complete, - SBU head adviser Tandit

Ukraine continues its efforts aimed at releasing its prisoners from the self-proclaimed Donbas republics.

This was announced by SBU head adviser Yurii Tandit on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel, Censor.NET reports.

"I'd say the process is about to complete. We are acting within the legal frameworks; we're not some fancy pirate republic, and there's certain procedure that we adhere to. As a free will gesture, we are going to release six women and nine sick people. We hope Moscow will make a similar decision on the eve of winter holidays. We hope this 'Orthodox' country will act like Ukraine," Tandit said.

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The official stressed that the Ukrainian government pays every effort to release all its POWs from captivity of pro-Kremlin militants.

"We're doing our best to release the guys who remain there. We have offered an unprecedented condition for an operation, we are willing to release four people in exchange for one our hero. We say we are ready to release 228 and take back 57. This is very important for us. We understand the decisions are made in the Kremlin and we are doing our best to restore the process," he said.

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"We employ all methods, starting from aid of special services and ending with volunteers and nameless heroes. Representatives of churches help us as well. One of our captives has a bullet in his arm... We are conducting special measures to understand what's inside there. We are aided by international organizations that meet them. We know how they are doing. Yes, of course we know," Tandit added.
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