No one taken prisoner or missing in action after today’s clashes at Svitlodarsk salient, - Ukrainian serviceman

Direct participant of battles at Svitlodarsk salient, Ukraine’s Armed Forces’ officer with the call sign Kupol dwelled on the recent developments, the losses suffered by the Ukrainian army and enemy, and the importance of position won from the invaders.

As reported by Censor.NET, the officer told a correspondent for Defense Ministry-run TV channel.

Kupol said: "The enemy made several attempts to retake its position over the past day, incurred losses and retreated."

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Speaking of casualties taken by the Ukrainian troops, the officer said: "They hold no our soldiers in captivity while we have captured no one of them as well. Nine Ukrainian military were killed, 35 - wounded, 17 - shell-shocked, 11 received injuries during the operation that started Dec. 18 - 72 persons in total. No one went missing. The body of a soldier who was considered missing in action was recovered yesterday. We have identified him."

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Commenting on the video spread by the militants showing killed Ukrainian soldiers, Kupol said: "Yes, it was our servicemen. I recognized them. They were our soldiers killed in action: Lieutenant Yarovoi and soldier Babius. We incurred the greatest losses Dec. 18 but their number sharply decreased later. Only two our soldiers were recently wounded," the officer said.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n420774