Suspect in journalist Veremii’s murder released from custody for third time, - defense counsel

Yurii Krysin, who was charged with deadly attack on journalist Viacheslav Veremii, was detained twice and convicted once for commission of crimes more “usual” for him since he was released from custody in Veremii’s case. Krysin was recently released at large for the third time.

As reported by Censor.NET, lawyer protecting interests of the relatives of the Heavenly Hundred Yevhenia Zakrevska wrote on Facebook.

She recalled that crime ring leader Krysin was charged with attempted armed seizure of filling station chain and detained for two months last August. Later in October, he and several other individuals were arrested for extorting money from carriers operating in Kyiv. The court arrested them without the right to bail a few days later.

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Zakrevska told that the next hearing of the case into Veremii's murder would be held Jan.19, 2016.

"I wonder whether Shevchenkivskyi district court Judge Linnyk would show solidarity with his colleagues and release Krysin providing that the latter is not apprehended for another attack or extortion or flee over this month? Or would he also pretend he does not understand that it is the criminal activity that continues once the defendant is at large but not its possibility that must be prevented after the repeated offenses have been committed twice as his pretrial restriction was mitigated," the lawyer said.

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