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 MoD unlikely to exhaust funds allocated for army maintenance in 2016, - journalist

As of Dec. 20, the Ministry of Defense had not spent 4 billion hryvnia ($146.990 million) out of 22.2 billion hryvnia ($815.795 million) allocated for the army's logistics and support needs.

Censor.NET chief editor Yurii Butusov writes on Facebook.

"Censor.NET sent an inquiry to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office about the expenditures of the Ministry of Defense in 2016 and received an answer.

"The total amount of funds allocated to the Ministry of Defense in 2016 for logistics and support makes 22.2 billion hryvnia.

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"As of Dec. 20, some 4 billion hryvnia is still unused, which is about 18.5 percent.

"Moreover, there are no commitments regarding spending some 1.3 billion hryvnia (the prospects to spend these funds in the current fiscal year are pretty vague). Of this, 300 million hryvnia were to be spent on the purchase and construction of housing for servicemen.

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"Given that a week is left before the end of the year, there is a real risk that the funds will not be used, and the planned purchase of housing will fail.

"The things are not so bad. It turns out, they have so much money and so little time to spend it!" Butusov says.
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