EP to remove Ukraine visa liberalization voting date from agenda in strive to hasten process, - media

The Secretariat of the European Parliament was instructed to remove from its website the indicative date for the voting on visa waiver program with Ukraine in order not to produce "incorrect negative expectations."

As reported by Censor.NET, an informed source in the Secretariat of EP President Martin Schultz told Europeiska Pravda.

"We decided to remove the date from the website in view of the public outcry it had sparked. This should be done before the end of the day. The delay was caused by a meeting in Strasbourg on Thursday (the technical staff needs time to return to Brussels after it, - Ed)," the source told the news outlet.

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The European Parliament decided not to change the date but completely remove it since "it is impossible to predict when the voting may take place." However, the source assured Europeiska Pravda that the voting "should be held much earlier than it was previously scheduled."

The member of EP Secretariat failed to clearly explain why the scheduled voting date was postponed, but assured that the changes "were not politically motivated and were based on routine procedures."

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