Destabilization of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova orchestrated similarly, architect sitting in Kremlin, - Moldova's Defense Minister Șalaru

The scenario of destabilization of the situation in eastern Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova is the same, and the mastermind sits in the Kremlin.

Minister of Defense of Moldova Anatol Șalaru said it in an interview with Censor.NET.

"The scenario is the same - in the east of Ukraine, in Georgia, in Moldova. Everywhere. Because the architect is the same and he sits in the Kremlin. Now they want to burden our economy with all the Transnistria's problems so that we undertake to finance, to economically support Transnistria, while Moscow will retain political control. This is what they want in your case: making Ukraine pay pensions and salaries, supply water, gas, electricity and so on, with Moscow keeping political control. They want to have it this way in Moldova as Russia experiences financial problems. After all, the war in Syria is expensive as well as other wars. And they have to sustain Crimea and these republics that produce nothing. The costs are high, especially now that Russia is in the midst of an economic crisis due to low energy prices," Șalaru said.

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He also said that if Ukraine had had the army of today in 2014, Russia's occupation of Crimea and the Donbas could have been prevented. But it is difficult to say if it was reasonable to resist Russian troops at that time.

"Moreover, I think that Yanukovych was also part of Russia's plan and part of the hybrid war to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. With all the intelligence agencies being under Russia's control, with the army infiltrated by spies and informants. Today, the Ukrainian army, I believe, would be able to perfectly manage it. But at that time, I refuse to guess," the minister added.
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