Savchenko banished from Batkivshchyna parliamentary faction

The Batkivshchyna parliamentary faction has decided to exclude people's deputy Nadiia Savchenko from its ranks.

Censor.NET reports quoting an official statement of the faction.

"During 2014 parliamentary elections, Batkivshchyna party included Nadiia Savchenko in its electoral list seeking liberation of the Ukrainian woman and officer from Russian captivity.

"The time has proven that it is the high status of people's deputy and PACE member that allowed raising the issue of Nadiia at the highest global political level, which, combined with the struggle of the Ukrainian people, finally led to her freedom.

"If we could turn back time, we would have done the same to liberate Nadiia.

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"However, the life has shown that the principles and political opinion of Nadiia Savchenko and Batkivshchyna differ. In particular, Batkivshchyna strongly opposes any negotiations with terrorists, an amnesty for the killers of Ukrainians, and the legalization of armed gangs in the Donbas.

"Nadiia believes that 'Ukraine's official stance on using exactly this terminology is not clearly defined and proven.'

"The Batkivshchyna faction has discussed all these circumstances with Nadiia Savchenko and decided to exclude her from its ranks," the statement reads.

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