Lavrov calls Russia-US talks on Syria ‘fruitless get-together’

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov believes that Russia’s talks with the U.S. to resolve the conflict in Syria are a ‘fruitless get-together’.

He said speaking to participants of the annual scientific and educational project Dialogue for the Future, Censor.NET reports referring to RIA Novosti.

"We maintain contacts, but every time we make some arrangements, the Americans deviate from the already reached agreements. That's what happened in September, that's what happened in early December. They lecture us and say: "Russia proposes to agree corridors for the militants to be able to leave the area, but the fighting must be immediately suspended first, and then, after a few days, these corridors should be made"," Lavrov dwelled on the situation in Syrian Aleppo.

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"Rather than argue with us and try to impose breaks that have always been used to reinforce the militants, the U.S. could have agreed to create these corridors long time ago, and we would have cleared eastern Aleppo from the militants," he added.

The Russian minister said that Moscow also maintained a dialogue with the countries of the region, including Turkey, which stayed in touch with the insurgents, the Syria's armed opposition.

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"I think that this channel can become more efficient than a months-long fruitless get-together with our American colleagues," he stressed.
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