Treason suspect Colonel Beziazykov gets sick as court decides on pre-trial restraint

The Shevchenko district court of Kyiv has released from custody military intelligence officer, Colonel Ivan Beziazykov accused of collaboration with the "Donetsk People's Republic" until a final decision on pre-trial restraint is reached. The colonel felt unwell and has been hospitalized.

Censor.NET reports citing Espreso.TV.

No decision on pre-trial restraint has been taken so far with judges having a recess.

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The suspect's lawyers have filed three motions with one of them being granted. They claim their client was detained illegally. According to the defense, the detention would have been legal if there had been a resolution of the investigating judge.

Beziazykov was released from custody in the court room. The judge called a recess.

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Later on, Ukrainski Novyny correspondent reported the suspect felt unwell. At 8 p.m., ambulance workers surveyed Beziazykov and took him to hospital from the court room.

According to Beziazykov, he was recommended to undergo a medical examination.
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