Plotnitsky sees Savchenko as "voice" of self-proclaimed republics in Verkhovna Rada

By meeting Nadiia Savchenko in Minsk, the puppet Donbas republics aim at "spurring Ukraine to tackle the Minsk issues."

As reported by Censor.NET citing Ostrov, leader of the so-called "Luhansk People's Republic" Igor Plotnitsky said at a meeting in Luhansk on Dec. 12.

"We believe such meetings can be productive. But they should not be limited to one MP, it should be a group of people. I think such positive minds exist among deputies. The process could involve mothers who have lost their children, or whose children are imprisoned. The format may be different. Today we need to spur Ukraine to tackle the Minsk issues," the terrorist said.

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Speaking of the meeting in Minsk, Plotnitsky said it was useful, since the Verkhovna Rada "should see and hear our voice."

"It is necessary to understand that the whole process is evolving as part of the Minsk talks, that the time has come when Ukraine's sound minds, who understand that the issue should be tackled by piece rather than war, must unite and find these ways. The main topic of our conversations was the all-for-all exchange of prisoners, search for missing persons and related issues. In this case, we believe with Alexander Vladimirovich [Zakharchenko] that such meetings are useful. Because these issues should be considered in the Verkhovna Rada not only from the point of view of one side. They should see and hear our voice," Plotnitsky said.

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