PGO reveals violations in 53 income statements filed by MPs, sent them to NAPC

The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine has found administrative violations in electronic income statements of 53 MPs.

This was announced by a PGO official Valentyna Senyk at a briefing on Friday, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

"We have sent 53 materials to the NAPC [National Agency for Prevention of Corruption - ed.] under the law on corruption prevention," she said.

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"These include one material on late submission of the declaration, 28 materials on insufficient data, 11 violations of combining with other paid job, two violations in form of receiving gifts," she said.

Senyk refused to give any names citing the benefit of the doubt.

The violators are facing fines of 850-1,700 hryvnia ($32-63) and confiscation of property.

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The PGO representative said that materials on former commander of Aidar Battalion Serhii Melnychuk, who declared 1 trillion hryvnia 'as a joke,' have been sent to the NABU.

"We are still checking the Cabinet officials, it's a huge volume of work," Senyk said.
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