"Armed citizen is the best deterrent to armed criminal," - Lutsenko

Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko believes that legally armed citizens would be the best deterrent against armed criminals.

He said it in an interview with Censor.NET.

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Speaking about the results of the work of the PGO, Lutsenko said that "the state has reclaimed $8.6 billion hryvnia ($319.5 million) and 58,000 hectares of land; 1,500 indictments have been referred to court with 500 people having been suspended from their posts."

70,000 persons have been convicted on criminal charges, which indicates an increase in crime rate.

"Yet, we have a steady trend towards a decline in the number of intentional homicides. It's a good news for those who, like me, support the expansion of permit to possess a firearm. I have been openly supporting this since my Interior Ministry period. A lot of my colleagues blasted me.

"Now we see the second year of decline in the number of murders in the country which is awash with weapons. Let the experts say why all this happened. I'm sure that an armed citizen is the best deterrent to an armed criminal. Of course, we should monitor the legality of firearms and ensure that people with criminal record, drug and alcohol addicts don't get hold of them," Lutsenko said.
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