Ukraine ready to swap 228 militants for 42 Ukrainians, - Iryna Herashchenko on Minsk talks

Verkhovna Rada First Vice Speaker, presidential envoy on the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas Iryna Herashchenko has reported on the outcome of Minsk talks in terms of hostage release.

Censor.NET reports referring to Herashchenko's Facebook page.

"We insist on the release of the maximum number of hostages before the Christmas holidays. Representatives of certain areas of the Donetsk region (ORDO) say they are holding 42 Ukrainians. We offered them to immediately swap 228 people (in cases where it is permitted by law) that they asked for in their requests for those 42 Ukrainian civilians and military," she wrote.

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"ORDO said they were ready to release only eight persons," Herashchenko went on, adding the Ukrainian side will work on to release all 42 prisoners.

According to her, the things are even more difficult in case with representatives of certain areas of the Luhansk region (ORLO), who claim to have only six Ukrainian POWs while demanding the amnesty for more than 440 people.

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"Another issue that demonstrates the 'readiness' of ORDLO to fulfill their promises is opening the Zolote entry/exit checkpoint. At the last meeting, they swore to open the checkpoint on Dec. 10... Still they again refuse to open it, giving vague explanations as to why it can't be done," Herashchenko said.

"The situation around the Zolote checkpoint, in fact, clearly portrays what happens in case with the hostages, when concrete actions are repeatedly postponed," the diplomat concludes.

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