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 Rada allows soldiers to terminate military contracts during ATO

Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, has supported as basis and as a whole the draft bill of Ukraine on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on improvement of the military service. The amendments will allow dismissing servicemen from contract service during the special period (except for mobilization and martial law), as well as those whose contract term ended and they no longer wish to serve in the Army.

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The bill was supported by 239 votes.

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"The purpose of the Law is to improve certain provisions of the legislation: on enabling military under various types of contracts in the special period to continue military service under the new contract or retire from military service upon their desire; on the introduction of military service for officers (for a period of 18 months), including in the special period. Also, [the purpose of the law is - ed.] to resolve other issues related to acceptance, career, and dismissal from military service by amending the Law of Ukraine "On military duty and military service," as well as to conserve social benefits for military personnel by amending the Labor Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine "On pension provision for persons discharged from military service and some other persons," the explanatory note to the bill reads.

The law stipulates for dismissal from service of students, post-graduate or doctoral full-time students who were called up for military service by mobilization for a special period, soldiers under the contract until the end of the special period or until the announcement of demobilization, and who have served at least 24 months. However, these categories of military can continue their military service under a new contract at their own request.
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