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 Investigation of Kniazhychi tragedy will last one week: many people to be questioned, face-to-face confrontation to be set up, - Acting Police Head Troian

The National Police hopes to be able to finish the investigation into the tragic shooting in Kniazhychi, the Kyiv region, by the end of the week.

This was announced by acting head of the National Police of Ukraine Vadym Troian, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"I think the agency check will last for a week. After we interview everyone, we will announce the results. Many people need to be questioned, and a face-to-face confrontation might as well be set up," Troian said.

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He stressed it's too early to draw conclusions and asked to wait for official results of the investigation.

"Only results of an internal investigation might give a basis for conclusions, which results we will send to PGO, where the final decision will be made," Troian said.

The police head said no suspicions or accusations have been served to possible culprits of the tragedy.

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"We are not able to charge anyone without the PGO expertise," Troian summed up.

Five police officers were shot dead in a fire exchange between members of different police squads in the village of Kniazhychi Dec. 4. Two of them were servicemen of the security police, two were police investigators, and one was a KORD special purpose unit serviceman.

Interior Ministry Adviser Anton Herashchenko wrote it was an accidental skirmish caused by a mistake that led to the deaths of five servicemen.

The tragedy in the village of Kniazhychi happened during a special operation on apprehension of a dangerous group of criminals who committed robberies in the city of Kyiv and the Kyiv region. The three violators were later apprehended by police.

The prosecutor's office of the Kyiv region is conducting pre-trial investigation into the incident.

Acting National Police Head Vadym Troian claims the criminal gang acted under the cover of law enforcers.

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