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 Radical Party will support draft budget-2017 only if certain conditions met, - Liashko

The Radical Party faction will not vote for a draft budget that does not take into account their requirements to support agricultural producers, raise the minimum pension and housing compensation for IDPs, as well as renew public funding of vocational education.

Radical Party leader Oleh Liashko said after a meeting of the parliament's conciliation board, Censor.NET reports citing the party press service.

"Reviewing the budget in the first reading, the prime minister promised me to double the financing of farms, renew the public funding of vocational education, index and raise the minimum pension to people who receive less than 1,000 hryvnia ($38 monthly -ed.), and provide money for the compensation of housing for the displaced persons. Unfortunately, the draft budget does not include our requirements," the MP said.

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Liashko noted that the minimum monthly pension should be 3,000 hryvnia ($112) and salary - 5,000 hryvnia ($186).

"When the government says there is no money for pensioners, farmers, IDPs, it's not true. Because, the financing of the General Prosecutor's Office is increased by 3 billion hryvnia ($111.9 million) and that of the courts by 2 billion hryvnia ($74.63 million). Why do they find money for prosecutors and judges and fail to do that in case with the common people?" the politician outraged.

He also added that the funds used to bribe deputies could also be spent on the immediate needs of the Ukrainians.
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