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 Hroisman on decentralization in Ukraine: "Process underway, no one can stop it"

Effective local government is the foundation of any democratic and developed state.

Censor.NET reports citing Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman's Facebook page.

"Today, at the International Congress of Mayors in Kyiv, we are discussing the municipal administration reform. I have repeatedly stressed that the effective local self-government is the basis of any democratic and developed state. I myself worked as mayor for eight years and the issue of decentralization was just a matter of lip service while the local government single-handedly faced evergrowing problems.

"So when in 2014 Arsenii Yatseniuk invited me to work in the central government, I agreed provided that the decentralization would be launched and local authorities would wield more power. It took us a month then to develop a concept of local self-government reform. We pursued two objectives: to transfer power, resources and responsibilities to local communities. As a result, after two years, we have 184 integrated communities. Some of them have seen their budget grown seven times as big! The process is underway, no one can stop it," he wrote.

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Hroisman urged the mayors to be open: "The decentralization tool really works, use it. The business should feel support on the ground and become successful."

Earlier, Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Piekło expressed hope the decentralization reform would be the key to overcoming corruption in Ukraine.
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