Automaidan came to Avakov's home to demand his resignation

The rally titled AvakOFF began at noon on Dec. 4.

On Sunday, Dec. 4, Automaidan activists came to the house of Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov to hold the ''AvakOFF'' rally. The protesters demand his resignation, Censor.NET reports citing Automaidan's Facebook.

"Avakov has not just virtually destroyed the police certification process with the help of his puppet commissioners, who were able to take any decisions in their favor and allow odious ex-policemen to be evaluated. He has also reinstated in leadership positions the old MIA people against whom we've been fighitng for the last three years since the beginning of the Euromaidan,'' the statement reads.

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''One prominent example is the recent attempt to appoint the head of Cherkasy police odious colonel Valerii Liutyi. Only the resistance of social activists did not let Avakov to appoint Liutyi, as well as to make the separatist Anton Shevtsov the head of the Vinnytsia police,'' the activists say.

''In addition, we remember that Avakov appointed such odious persons as Ilia Kiva, Serhii Chobotar, Vasyl Paskal, Vadym Troian, Oleksii Tahtai, Ihor Klymenko, and Ihor Kupranets to senior positions. And those are just the top officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,'' Automaidan activists claim.

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''The final straw for us was the recent resignation of the head of the National Police Dekanoidze. Knowing the interior of all the processes that occurred in the Ministry of Internal Affairs after her arrival, we are well aware that without Dekanoidze the reform of the police is doomed. We are receiving a lot of information about large-scale roll back to the old system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine," the statement reads.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n417799