Two billion rubles stolen from Russia's central bank by hackers, - CNN

The central bank disproves the information on the heist.

Hackers have stolen two billion rubles (equivalent to $31,000,000) from Russia's central bank accounts, Censor.NET reports citing CNN.

The Bank of Russia confirmed the heist to CNNMoney on Friday.

Hackers tried to steal five billion rubles, but the central banking authority managed to stop them and redirect the funds. "We were lucky to return some of money," central bank security executive Artiom Sychev said.

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Hackers also targeted the private banks and stole cash from their clients, the central bank reported.

The central bank did not say when the heist occurred or how hackers moved the funds.

At the same time, TASS news agency reports that central bank disproves the information on the heist of two billion rubles.

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"Information on the 2 billion rubles heist from Russia's central bank correspondent accounts as a result of a cyberattack is not true. The Financial Stability Review, which was presented last night, reported about the losses suffered by the commercial banks and their customers as a result of cyber attacks over the whole 2016," central bank spokesperson said.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n417695