Klimkin: Trump's victory does not mean Ukraine lost Crimea

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin does not deem Donald Trump's upcoming presidency to be a reason for thinking Crimea is lost for Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET, he said it on air of BBC's World Update radio show.

"Crimea belongs to Ukraine. It is not only political but also a moral aspect. Last month, we introduced a resolution on human rights violations in Crimea to the UN General Assembly. I am sure that no civilized person can recognize Crimea as Russian. We have enjoyed the U.N. support before, and I am sure this will continue," Klimkin said.

He stressed that Ukraine needs focused negotiations with Russia on the Crimean issue and promised to make every effort to return the peninsula.

Klimkin also commented on the ongoing military exercises conducted in Ukraine's south and Russia's protest in this regard.

"This is not about a provocation. It's about tests and our sovereign right to do them. It does not pose a threat to anyone out there," he said.

Ukraine is not going to attack Russia, the minister added.

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