Putin approves Russia's foreign policy concept

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a new concept of Russia's foreign policy.

The decree was posted on Russia's official internet portal for legal information, Censor.NET reports.

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"Amid the intensifying political, social and economic contradictions and the growing instability of the world political and economic system, the role of the factor of force in international relations increases," the document reads. "The build-up and modernization of the force potential, the creation and deployment of new types of armaments are undermining strategic stability and creating a threat to global security ensured by a system of treaties and agreements in the sphere of arms control."

"While the danger of unleashing a large-scale war, including a nuclear conflict, remains low among leading states, there are increasing risks of their involvement in regional conflicts and the escalation of crises," the concept notes.

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Russia will combat military interventions that violate the sovereignty of states under the pretext of implementation of the Responsibility to Protect commitment.

"The Russian Federation intends to prevent military interventions and other forms of external interference in violation of international law, in particular the principle of sovereign equality of states, carried out under the pretext of implementation of the Responsibility to Protect concept," the document reads.

Russia will build its relations with NATO to the extent of alliance's readiness for equal partnership. The document emphasizes that Russia negatively views NATO enlargement, the deployment of alliance's military infrastructure close to Russia's borders and build-up of its military activity in the regions neighboring the Russian Federation.

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According to the concept, Russia deems these actions to be "violating the principle of equal and indivisible security and leading to the exacerbation of old and emergence of new dividing lines in Europe."

The Russian side is interested in developing relations with Ukraine based on mutual respect.

"Russia is interested in the development of the whole variety of political, economic, cultural and spiritual relations with Ukraine on the basis of mutual respect," according to the document.

However, Russia is interested in developing partnership with Ukraine, "sticking to its national interests."
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