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 Minimum wage, subsistence level increased in Ukraine today

The minimum wage and subsistence level for able-bodied persons went up by 150 hryvnia or 10.3 percent, up to 1,600 hryvnia (about $60) on Dec. 1.

The increase was achieved due to amendments to the law on the state budget-2016 of May 19 that came into force today. Dec. 1, Censor.NET reports referring to Ukrainski Novyny.

From now on, the minimum monthly wage will be 1,600 hryvnia, the overall subsistence level - 1,544 hryvnia (raised by 145 hryvnia). The subsistence level of children under six years of age was increased to 1,355 hryvnia (raised by 127 hryvnia); children aged between 6 and 18 - to 1,689 hryvnia (increased by 158 hryvnia); the able-bodied persons - to 1,600 hryvnia (raised by 150 hryvnia); persons with occupational disabilities - to 1,247 hryvnia (increased by 117 hryvnia).

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Thus, the minimum wage has been increased by 16.1 percent since January 2016.

The basic salary (the salary assigned to a position) of the first wage group under unified wage tariff system has been increased by 150 hryvnia (12.7 percent), up to 1,335 hryvnia from Dec. 1.

According to Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman, this increase will trigger education workers' salary raise by 260-450 hryvnia, nurses will receive additional 246 hryvnia, physicians of the first qualification grade - 318 hryvnia, surgeons of the highest qualification grade - 363 hryvnia starting from December.

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He also said that non-contributory retirement pension would be increased by an average of 117 hryvnia in December.

Namely, the minimum retirement pension of miners has been increased by 351 hryvnia; the minimum surviving relatives' pension - by 117-175 hryvnia; the minimum servicemen surviving relatives' pension - by 234 hryvnia; minimum pension of disabled veterans and Chornobyl cleanup veterans - by 193-333 hryvnia; the state-granted social benefits for lifelong disabled persons and disabled children - by 208.9-239.9 hryvnia; benefits for children in ward or under guardianship - by 254-316 hryvnia; aid to single mothers - by 127-158 hryvnia; care allowance for people with mental illnesses - by 150 hryvnia.

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As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has proposed the Verkhovna Rada to raise the basic salary of the first wage group under unified wage tariff system by 35 percent or 415 hryvnia, up to 1,600 hryvnia at the minimum wage of 3,200 hryvnia under the law on state budget for 2017.
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