Moscow officially threatens "retaliatory attacks" in response to missile exercises off Crimea. DOCUMENT (in Russian)

Russia's Defense Ministry has published an official letter proving its threats against Ukraine over military exercises near Russian-occupied Crimea.

The letter is addressed to the Ukrainian Embassy in the Russian Federation, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

минобороны документ рф

"The Russian Defense Ministry warns that in case of detection of missiles in this area, they will be destroyed by Russia's air defense forces," the letter reads.

"If the missiles pose a threat to facilities located in this part of Russia's territory (on land, at sea and in the air), we will retaliate against the launchers," the MoD stated.

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Earlier, Deputy Defense Minister Oleksandr Dublian admitted that Russia might implement its threat to launch a missile strike against Ukraine in case it conducts missile tests over the Black Sea on Dec. 1-2.

He stressed that Ukraine is going to conduct the exercises in accordance with all international norms, which may indicate that the MoD will not cancel its plans.

Defense Ministry spokesman on anti-terrorist operation (ATO) matters Andrii Lysenko said Ukraine will not postpone the exercises.

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