EU shamelessly hampers visa-free travel and Association Agreement ratification, - MP Iryna Herashchenko

Today, the stance of France and Germany affects not only visa-free travel but Ukrainians' trust in the European Union.

This was stated by first deputy speaker of Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko on her Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Three years ago, realizing all risks of Ukraine's departure under Russia's aegis, the EU was persuading Yanukovych to sign the [Association - ed.] Agreement. Despite political prisoners, total lack of reforms and Brezhnev-style stagnation, despite mega-corruption, despite pressure on the media and the opposition. They were ready to sign the Agreement in Vilnius and were reeling around the bastard. The EU was then scared of one thing: expansion of Russian presence on post-Soviet area and the loss of Ukraine," she wrote.

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However today, Herashchenko wrote, when Ukraine has sacrificed thousands and remains the last outpost against expansion of the Russian totalitarian regime, when Ukrainians demonstrate their loyalty to European principles daily and remain the most European people on the continent, the EU is shamelessly hampering the visa liberalization and ratification of the Association Agreement.

"What has happened with the European Union? Are they aware in Brussels, Paris, Berlin and other capitals of all risks of losing Ukrainians' trust in the EU? I keep asking these questions to my European vis-a-vis. They don't like them...

"Today, the stance of France and Germany affects not only visa-free travel but whether Ukrainians will trust the EU. Large European countries, I am certain, have no right for a mistake," the first deputy speaker of the parliament said.

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