Military prosecutor's office indentifies units and hardware of Russian army that participated in Crimea occupation, - prosecutor Kravchenko

The investigators have gathered enough evidence of Russian invasion in Crimea in 2014 and know which forces were employed by Russia for its Crimea occupation.

Censor.NET was informed on the matter by military prosecutor Ruslan Kravchenko.

According to Kravchenko, the Crimean occupation was conducted with the use of assault landing ships 'Saratov' and 'Azov' of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian army, 'Georgy Pobyedonosets,' 'Kaliningrad,' and 'Minsk' of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian army, and 'Olenegorsky Gornyak' of the Northern Fleet of the Russian army.

The Russian occupation forces also employed Il-76 jets with side numbers 76722, 76731, 76776, and 76777.

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Kravchenko said at least 10,500 Russian military were illegally redeployed to Crimea from the territory of Russia between Feb. 20 and March 16, 2014, together with at least 10 tanks, 207 armored vehicles and IFVs, eight launchers of Bastion-P mobile coastal missile systems, 24 units of Grad BM-21 MLRSes, 12 launching pads of 9K57 Uragan MLRSes, more than 80 cannons, more than 25 self-propelled guns (including 17 units of Gvozdika SPGs), 80 units of anti-aircraft weapons, 16 Su-24 strike aircraft, two Su-27 fighter aircraft, six Su-24 recon aircraft, 26 helicopters, and about 640 units of Ural and KamAZ trucks.

The military prosecutor also listed the names of the units that were redeployed to Crimea from various regions of the Russian Federation.
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