Syrian warplanes strike Turkish troops: media suspect Russia of revenge for downed Su-24

Ankara accuses the Syrian Air Force of killing three Turkish military.

Censor.NET reports citing Gazeta.ru.

Local media hint that the Syrian government launched the attack to avenge the Russian Su-24 shot down by a Turkish fighter jet a year ago.

Damascus and Moscow have not commented on the statement. President Erdogan has made no comments yet. Politicians have called on the Turkish president not to jump to conclusions as the escalation of the situation and termination of the recently restored relations with the Russian Federation will make a speedy release of Aleppo impossible.

At 3:30 a.m. on Thursday, three Turkish soldiers were killed and 10 people injured, with one in critical condition, in what is said to be an airstrike by Syrian warplanes, according to the Turkish General Staff.

The attack occurred within the Syrian territory near the town of al-Bab, northeast of Aleppo, Anadolu news agency reports. The bodies were taken to the city of Gaziantep for examination.

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The targeted area was free of the opposition fighters with only Turkish troops present. The General Staff of Turkey believes that the strike was intentional, Hurriyet newspaper says.

The Turkish media give polarized views of the incident. CNN Turk claims the attack came as a response by the Syrian army to a recent Turkish raid in the Latakia region.

According to Yeni Şafak, yesterday's attack has to do with the Russian military aircraft downed a year ago and looks like revenge. The journalists say the incident may lead to very serious consequences, namely a "full-scale regional war."

On Aug. 9, Erdogan held talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was the first meeting between the two leaders after a Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber on Nov. 24, 2015. The plane crashed in the territory of the Syrian province of Latakia. In the evening of the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry reported the death of pilot Oleg Peshkov. He was shot dead from the ground after being ejected from the downed plane.

Turkey claimed that according to radars the Russian aircraft was 4 km deep into the country's territory. Moreover, the pilot received 10 warnings about the violation of air space before the bomber was destroyed.

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Moscow blamed the incident on the Turkish leadership. Ankara refused to apologize for the downed aircraft and the death of the pilot. As a result, almost all trade and economic ties between the two countries were frozen.

On July 16, a military coup attempt was made in Turkey, but the country's authorities managed to suppress the rebellion. According to the latest figures, 246 people died, excluding the rebels, 2,185 people received injuries.
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