Poroshenko apologized to Ukrainians for IMF's modalities: "The fund never prescribes sweet drugs"

In his speech on the occasion of Ukraine's Dignity and Freedom Day, President Petro Poroshenko mentioned the importance of IMF's support and apologized to the Ukrainians for unpleasant measures the authorities had to take.

Censor.NET reports citing the Presidential Administration.

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"To avoid default and disaster in the economy, the government had no other choice than to resort to strict and unpopular measures. The same standard measures taken by our successful neighbors in Central and Eastern Europe back in the early 90th.

"IMF's support remains vital for us. The fund never prescribes sweet drugs. So I understand that we have hurt millions of families against our will. It is not a sin to apologize for that. But I am sure that soon the effectiveness of these measures will be felt by more and more people," Poroshenko said.

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"Our economic organism has already awaken from a coma and demonstrates signs of recovery. After 14 quarters of decline that, by the way, began a year before the revolution and the war, the economy has finally resumed growth.

"The revival of business activity, the first steps in de-shadowing and increased budget revenue allowed us to plan a considerable boost in salaries for teachers, doctors and other public employees as well as to make a step towards the poor, doubling the minimum wage to 3,200 hryvnia ($120).

"It is time to reap the first though still not very ripe harvest of tough anti-crisis measures," the head of state added.

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