"Not much efforts needed to diminish all efforts and sufferings", - Poroshenko appealed to Ukrainians on Day of Dignity and Freedom

President Petro Poroshenko addressed Ukrainian people on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

Censor.NET reports citing the president's press service.

"Three years ago, a few hundred brave girls and boys gathered at Euromaidan without any politicians to express peaceful protest against the actions of Yanukovych's regime that stole their great European dream. Then, savage beating of youth by the Berkut stirred up the whole country.

"In few days, millions of Ukrainians came to the streets and squares. Came to disrupt the plan on transforming Ukraine into a malorossiya corner of the Russian Empire. To demonstrate their pro-European choice," the president's statement reads.

"After the victory over the regime, it turned out that only the steering wheel was left of all the state machinery. And it was rotten. Ukraine was being choked by default, which seemed inevitable. Economy hasn't yet recovered from global crisis. Russia hasn't only unleashed war, but also organized true commercial blockade inflicting losses in the amount of hundreds of billions of dollars for Ukraine. There have been virtually no army and special forces. This is how deep our bottom was, from which we have started to ascend," the head of the state said.

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"And this year, we have allowed ourselves to abandon another wave of mobilization, transfer demobilized warriors to the reserve and sign contracts with dozens of thousands of volunteers.

"To avoid default and disaster in the economy, the Government had no other choice than to resort to strict and unpopular measures. The same standard measures taken by successful neighbors from Central and Eastern Europe already in the beginning of the 90th. The IMF support remains vital for us. And the Fund never prescribes sweet drugs. So I understand that we have unwittingly hurt millions of families. It is not a sin to apologize for that. But I am sure that soon the effectiveness of measures taken will be experienced by more and more people," the president said.

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"After 14 quarters of decline, which, by the way, began a year before the revolution and the war, the economy has finally resumed growth.," the president said.

"Not much efforts are needed to diminish all the efforts and sufferings. The enemy not only attacks Ukraine from the outside, but also undermines us from within... At the same time, I urge you not to stigmatize every participant of mass rallies.... Freedom of speech and compliance with all other rights and freedoms even in times of war," Poroshenko said.

"We have implemented 144 items of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan and completed a series of vital reforms. This week, the EU Council has unanimously adopted a decision that recognized full implementation of all commitments by Ukraine," the president said.

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"Sometimes I ask myself: "Could I avoid mistakes?" Common wisdom of many people replies: ' The one who does nothing makes no mistakes'," the president said.

The Day of dignity and freedom is celebrated in Ukraine every year on Nov.21 as the mass protests later called Euromaidan began that day in 2013.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n415753