Manafort is only mentioned in Party of Regions off-the-book records. There isn't a single signature of his, - Kholodnytskyi

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NAB) Prosecutor revealed new details about the Party of Regions' slush fund case.

Censor.NET reports citing ZN.ua.

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NAB) Prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytskyi commented the leakage of "tangible evidence of receiving the money from the Party of Regions' slush fund records by Paul Manafort, a former adviser to Yanukovych, which contributed to the Trump's victory."

"As a prosecutor, I banned the disclosure of any information on the investigation. I do not know where Serhii Leshchenko received it," Kholodnytskyi said.

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Answering the question about the scans, published on the NABU website, Kholodnytskyi said: "I asked those questions too, and got no answers from the NABU. Though, I am a senior prosecutor of the investigation team. I was also surprised to see those scans on the official website... I did not like either when the Minister Arsen Avakov managed to find another four pages. When I asked how it could happen, I got no answers."

"Note that Manafort is the only name mentioned in the off-the-book records. And there is no his signature. Tomorrow, similar scans related to Valentyna Samar, for three million dollars, may appear. Or scans related to Kholodnytskyi or Sytnyk. It is profitable to make such scans now," he added.

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The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor stressed that the first indictments in the Party of Regions' slush fund case may be issued after "the prosecutors and detectives execute the NABU order and gather enough evidence to serve persons with charges of having committed a criminal offense."

"Off-the-book records themselves can not be the evidence base. It should be the starting element confirming illegal enrichment of those who got money," Kholodnytskyi said.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n415645