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 Canada to continue supporting Ukraine in its struggle against aggression, Trudeau says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he won’t tone down Canada’s criticism of the Kremlin when it comes to Ukraine.

He said speaking to reporters in Toronto on Monday hours after President-Elect Donald Trump set his sights on a "strong and enduring relationship with Russia," Censor.NET reports citing Vice News.

Asked whether renewed ties between the White House and Moscow could effectively give President Vladimir Putin a pass on his forays into Eastern Europe, the Canadian prime minister said: "We've been very clear that the Russian incursion into Ukraine is unacceptable and we will continue to state that and support Ukraine in its struggle against aggression."

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Trudeau did echo some of those sentiments on Monday, highlighting "other issues" - other than Ukraine - where both countries had common interests, "including Arctic cooperation and counter-terrorism, including concerns around the Middle East, where there are opportunities to at least have constructive dialog with Russia in which our desires outcomes are more closely aligned and, as you all know, I certainly believe in positive engagement."

But, he iterated, "we will not back off on our condemnation of the illegitimate and unhelpful actions that Russia has taken in Ukraine."

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