12-year-old boy dies of polio in Volyn region

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, a 12-year-old Oleksandr Moroz from Holovno village in the Volyn region died of polio.

Censor.NET reports citing local news site Raion.Liuboml.

As noted, the boy started compainig about pain in the arms and legs on Sunday evening. He went to bed and at 6 a.m. on Monday could not raise to his feet. The parents called an ambulance that promptly took him to a district hospital.

After examination, doctors found signs of polio: the child was already paralyzed. He was immediately taken to the Lutsk regional infectious diseases hospital.

The doctors were fighting for the life of the child for two days, but the disease was progressing. On Tuesday, the boy fell into coma. On Wednesday morning, Moroz died without regaining consciousness.

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The expensive treatment, 15,000 hryvnia ($550) per day, did not help. The villagers donated money hoping the child would be saved.

"Sasha was a very good, quiet boy, did well at school. On Thursday and Friday last week, he stayed at home with little cough and running nose. On Sunday, he played with kids outside," school principal Nadiia Savosh says.

As noted, all Sasha's friends will get tested on Friday.
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