“Authorities infiltrated people into rallies outside NBU and Rada to tell media they were hired,” - Tymoshenko on protests in Kyiv

Leader of Batkivshchyna parliamentary faction Yulia Tymoshenko says the authorities brought hired protestors to join rallies outside the National Bank and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nov. 15.

As reported by correspondent for Censor.NET, she said on the sidelines of the parliament.

"I'd like to inform the public that the authorities created special groups of people that joined rallies held outside the National Bank, the Verkhovna Rada yesterday. They were telling the media that they were demonstrators-for-hire. Please tell me, would the president be forced to urgently sign the bill to discharge claims of the deceived depositor of Mykhailivskyi Bank, if all the protestors were hired? Never, if there were demonstrators-for-hire alone," Tymoshenko said.

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She also said that "the regime let all its dogs loose on her" yesterday.

"Yesterday's defamation campaign launched in the media against me goes beyond all bounds. It was plotted, prepared, and implemented yesterday the way it was during Yanukovych's tenure. Poroshenko' regime is no better," Tymoshenko said.

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"This is yet another effort to destabilize Ukraine," she said commenting on her alleged collusion with Viktor Medvedchuk and alleged plans to assassinate Yurii Shukhevych.
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