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 Germany to back sanctions until Russia gets out of Ukraine, - Yatseniuk after meeting with Merkel

On Monday, Nov. 14, leader of People's Front party Arsenii Yatseniuk met in Berlin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Censor.NET reports referring to the party press service.

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After the meeting, Yatseniuk said that personally Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German government are out there to protect Ukraine at diplomatic, political and financial levels.

The German government, the politician said, has allocated significant resources to Ukraine and "supports the policy of sanctions against the Russian Federation until Russia gets out of the territory of Ukraine."

"We are now living in a world of new reality. And the foreign policy of Germany, the foreign policy of the European Union should be consistent with the foreign policy of the new U.S. administration. I am convinced that the free world will stand on the values of democracy and freedom that provide for the protection of Ukraine and our territorial integrity and independence," Yatseniuk said.

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He said a resolution on the historical responsibility of Germany to Ukraine has been introduced in the Bundestag, "stipulating both political and economic assistance to Ukraine and appealing to the German government so as to continue to support Ukraine. We are convinced that the ruling coalition parties will take efforts to ensure that such a resolution will be voted."

Yatseniuk also stressed the need for the EU's unity on the issue of sanctions against Russia: "The unity is based on the values. Russia illegally annexed Crimea, sent troops to Donetsk and Luhansk. It has not withdrawn from Ukraine This means that the sanctions must be maintained. And I hope that the sanctions will be extended in December this year."

Responding to a journalist's question regarding the Minsk agreements, the People's Front leader emphasized that Russia failed to observe "the first and basic condition" of the Minsk deal - the cease-fire: "Russian troops continue shelling Ukrainian positions and staying in our territory. Therefore, without solving the security issue, all Minsk debates rest on the fact that Russia simply does not want to observe the deal."
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