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 Maj. Gen. Nazarov received three warnings of danger near Luhansk airport prior to plane's departure

Tried Maj. Gen. Nazarov persistently denies the fact he was thrice warned that the Il-76 aircraft with paratroopers bound for the Luhansk airport could be shot down by separatists.

Censor.NET reports quoting Iliana Haiduk, an eyewitness of the trial.

"The questioning of Nazarov, the general whose negligence killed my brother and another 48 soldiers of the Ukrainian army, lasted for almost six hours," Haiduk wrote.

She notes that the prosecution blames the tragedy on Gen. Nazarov who commanded the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) HQ at that time and had been three times warned against a potential threat of being downed.

"The general is now denying this fact in court," the woman emphasized.

Haiduk says Nazarov once again stressed that documentally, both then and now, there is no war, and he acted based on the rules of a particular state in time of peace.

"He blames the tragedy on the ATO air force command that planned the flight and attempts to build on official provisions.

"Nazarov also says he had not been directly involved in combat operations until 2014. He believes it was inappropriate to carry out a night flight with inability to provide adequate security for the aircraft. He distrust the experts who provide conclusions in the case.

"He could not answer the question of lawyer Pohosian whether his position and actions in office were lawful," the sister of a killed paratrooper remarked.

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On Dec. 17, 2015, the Pavlohrad city district court of the Dnipropetrovsk region started the trial in the case of the killing of 49 Ukrainian military in the Il-76 plane over Luhansk.

The court tries one man - Major General Viktor Nazarov, who commanded the ATO HQ at that moment. He is charged under part 3 article 425 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (habitual negligence in office during war, causing grave consequences).

According to the conclusion of the commission that has carried out a complex military-tactical criminalistic analysis, Nazarov was the one directly obliged to take measures to suppress the air defense of terrorists and ensure the safety of Il-76 flight over enemy-controlled Luhansk on June 14, 2014.

The investigators have interrogated 132 witnesses and conducted 112 examinations so far.

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